XML Programming Bible

# Авторы: Brian Benz, John Durant

# ISBN: 0-7645-5576-6
# Pages: 1056

The XML Programming Bible provides a single source for developers who need to implement XML and Web service solutions on an MS or J2EE platform, or both.

The XML Programming Bible is a comprehensive guide to architectural concepts and programming techniques for XML. We cover the mainstream industry XML and Web service technologies as well as tools and techniques for developing real-world XML solutions. The examples and techniques are designed to be useful for all skill levels of XML programmers, from beginner to advanced. We have endeavored to make the material understandable for beginners at the same time that specific topics are “shedding new light” on XML for experienced professionals.

The intention is that a developer could use the information in the book to go from zero knowledge of XML and related technologies to designing and developing industrial-strength XML and Web service applications.