PHP 5 Unleashed

# Автор: John Coggeshall

# 067232511X (Paperback) Jan 2005;
# 840 pages;

Appropriate for courses in PHP programming at all levels, beginning through advanced. This is the definitive programmers guide to PHP 5, the most popular Web programming language—now massively updated and more powerful than ever. While other books focus on not-quite-stable betas, PHP Unleashed thoroughly and authoritatively covers the final, official release of PHP 5. Author John Coggeshall is a recognized expert in the PHP community. A long-time PHP programmer, he writes the regular Code Gallery Spotlight column at, which examines and illuminates complex PHP code for experienced programmers. Coggeshall begins this book with the fundamentals of PHP Web development, including file system manipulation, strings, arrays, regular expressions, Forms, sessions, cookies, and more. In Section I, he also introduces major improvements to PHP object-oriented programming, as well as PHP templates. The book contains a comprehensive section on working with data in PHP, including detailed chapters on accessing remote data, XML parsing, SOAP, and XSLT. Coggeshall next turns to creating graphical output, covering images, PDF files, and PHP-based GUI design. As students increasingly gain mastery with PHP, they will find detailed coverage of its most powerful features, including advanced email support; security and user authentication; wireless development; even PHPs Microsoft COM interface.

  • Practical, example-rich introduction to Web programming with PHP—Covers all the fundamentals: file system manipulation, strings, arrays, regular expressions, forms, sessions, s, and much more.
  • Thoroughly prepares students to create the Web applications that represent PHPs primary area of usage.
  • Detailed introduction to PHP 5 object-oriented programming—Fully reflects PHP 5s major object-oriented improvements.
  • Complete section on PHPs e-mail features—Includes full chapters on accessing IMAP mail servers, writing MIME email in PHP, and accessing NNTP news servers.
  • Start-to-finish coverage of data access, including XML-based techniques—Covers everything from basic database access to XML parsing, SOAP, and XSLT.
  • Advanced coverage—Contains detailed coverage that experienced PHP programmers have been searching for, including chapters on wireless applications and COM integration.